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Organic Cotton I Can Breathe Allergy Face Mask

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  • I Can Breathe Organic Cotton Face Mask
  • Organic Cotton I Can Breathe Allergy Face Mask
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I Can Breathe® Organic Cotton Mask
The I Can Breathe Multipurpose certified Organic cotton mask is made from soft, triple-layered, 100% organic cotton. Provides relief from nuisance-level, non-toxic particles such as dust, pollen, mold, dander, lint and soot. No dyes or bleach have been used on the fabric, and the face mask is naturally latex free.   The I Can Breathe Organic Face Mask folds flat for easy storage.  Adjustable cotton twill ear loops hold the mask in place for individual fit, and comfortable under eye glasses with effective seal around edges.  Does not provide protection for smoke, fine particles, gases, hazardous dusts or chemicals.  


Organic Cotton Mask Care Instructions:

Wash the mask before wearing with a cleaner that has no scent and does not leave a residue to clog the fabric. Scent free Seventh Generation liquid detergent works well. The Organic Cotton Comfort Mask filters particles and the seal is effective. If breathing becomes difficult, it is time to wash the mask in hot or cool water, with a detergent that leaves no residue, then rinse well and hang to dry. May be rolled in a towel to blot water then wear damp for humidification in dry atmosphere, such as on long flights or in a desert.

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