Odor Ban Air & Furnace Filter

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Odor Ban disposable pleated air filters

Online Allergy Relief's Odor Ban filters are designed for the removal of fumes, odors, and pollutants.

  • Activated carbon impregnated in a non-woven polyester media.
  • Double wall heavy-duty beverage board frame prevents airflow bypass.
  • Each filter contains approximately 10.44 grams of carbon per square foot of media.
  • Traps noxious gases and odors from cigars, cigarettes, cooking, and pets.
  • Each filter lasts up to 3 months.
  • Filters are sold by cases of 6.
  • Nominal filter sizes are ¼" to ½ inch smaller than the stated size.
  • Filters with 2" and 4" deep pleated panels are available.  Call 1-800-555-0755.

All nominal filter sizes listed below are approximately 1/2" smaller than the specified sizes and have a 1" deep pleated panel.  All of our quality permanent or MERV rated disposable filters are excellent replacement for your air conditioner filters and furnace filters.

Odor Ban pleated furnace filter and air conditioner filters are made from pleated carbon media providing moderate dust capture and high gaseous contaminant capture.  The media is an activated carbon impregnated, non-woven polyester.  The Odor Ban furnace filters and air conditioner filters use heavy duty, rigid frames.

The rate of adsorption of the Odor Ban furnace filters and air conditioner filters depends on the relationship between the pore structure, or surface area, and the shape of the contaminating molecules.  The carbon is ground to an extremely fine particle size to increase the surface area available for adsorption.  The carbon impregnated media is pleated, increasing the surface area of carbon exposed to the air flow.

Impregnating activated carbon on our furnace filters and air conditioner filters is designed to achieve a dual filtration effect.  The substrate filters the particulate matter, while the activated carbon filters the gas or vapor contaminant.  The activated carbon in our Odor Ban furnace filters and air conditioner filters is thermally bonded to the substrate, resulting in very little "brush-off."  The impregnation process coupled with the disposable pleated panel filter design virtually eliminates the mess associated with handling granular carbon.

Our Odor Ban furnace filters and air conditioner filters are made in all standard sizes.


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