Odor Away

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Odor Away will neutralize odors!  Odor Away is an environmentally safe gel or spray that absorbs airborne odors.  It is not a perfume or masking agent.  Odor Away successfully eliminates airborne odors when placed in air conditioning or ventilation systems or simply placed in a room.  Odor Away  removes odors safely, easily and effectively and is FDA registered for indirect food contact.  Nontoxic and biodegradable.

Household Use.   Odor Away has been extremely successful in the neutralization, absorption and elimination of odors.  It has been used in many homes throughout the United States and has proven its usefulness in the following areas: basements, kitchens, mildew areas, closets, storage areas, litter boxes, pet bedding, garages, diaper pails, sport bags, cars, motor homes, trucks, vans, RV's, boats, and much more.

Commercial Use.   Odor Away is a safe product that provides clean, healthy, non-polluted air for businesses and offices.  In businesses throughout the United States, it has proven its usefulness in the following areas: hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, print shops, pet shops, veterinarian clinics, kennels, nursing homes, hospitals, doctor offices, cleaning companies, property management companies, high-rise office buildings, casinos and much more.

Odor Away comes in a variety of sizes.  The spray can be used to neutralize odors in the air and on carpets and upholstered furniture. The small and medium tubs can be used in individual rooms.  Simply place the tub as close to the odor source as possible.  The small tub can treat up to 200 square feet, and the medium tub can treat up to 400 square feet.  Place the large tub in the return air duct to eliminate odors from your entire house.  The large tub will be effective for up to six months when used in 1,200 square feet. The super pail is used in large commercial office buildings and will be effective for up to six months when used in 14,000 square feet.

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