Why You Should Use a Pet Dander Lotion

Your beloved furry friends should not cause you to suffer from allergies. Sadly, the many of us suffer all the same. There are a wide range of products out there that will help protect you, but here’s why we recommend using a dander lotion on your pets.

Pet dander lotions are designed to help remove the dander, saliva, dust, and other allergens that stick to an animal’s fur and skin. This should drastically reduce the reactions that you or family members suffer from when you come into contact with your pet. You can find ones that are formulated for a specific kind of animal, or one that works on all kinds. Be sure to check the label before applying it to your pet, so that you do not accidentally use the incorrect formula.

Side benefits of using such a lotion include a moisturizing effect and increased shine in the coat. Look for non-toxic formulas when purchasing, and check product reviews online.

Pet dander lotions can be a very effective way of controlling pet allergies. For example, 80% of the users of our AllerPet Dander Lotion for All Pets found it to be nearly 100% effective in reducing allergy symptoms. Take the time to do your research and you may find that a pet dander lotion could greatly increase the quality of your home life.

Mar 1st 2017 Jessica

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