The HEPA Filter Air Purifier: An Answer to Keeping Schools Safe, Clean

Everyday, children are exposed to different kinds of health hazards, some of which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Air pollutants are perfect examples of the invisible enemies that threaten the health of children and adults—even if they are in a place where they are supposed to be safe, like a school.

malibu teachers say school os making them sick

The threat of air pollutants in schools is commonly overlooked by parents and even school administrators, but their harmful effects simply cannot be disregarded. According to a CNN report:

“Some studies estimate a third or more of U.S. schools have mold, dust or other indoor air problems that are serious enough to cause serious respiratory illnesses such as asthma.
Only about 20% to 30% of the population is actually susceptible to indoor air problems like mold or dust, but for those who are, the symptoms get increasingly severe.

Legally there are no indoor air quality standards for schools. Yet a national survey of school nurses found that 40% knew children and staff who were adversely affected by indoor pollutants at their school.”

Realizing the dangers these air pollutants bring, schools should consider investing in anti-pollutant solutions like a HEPA filter air purifier. HEPA, or high-efficiency particulate absorption, is a standard that requires air filters to absorb 99.97% of particles from the air. Schools all across the country should install these air filters in their classrooms, libraries, and other areas frequented by students on a daily basis.

Since it is a serious investment, it is wise to purchase air filters and purifiers that are tried and tested to effectively work not only in schools but also in other facilities. Furthermore, these should be bought from a trusted source like the Allergy Relief Store, which carries other air purifying items like anti-allergy HEPA filter mask options, carbon filters, and different cleaning supplies.

(Source: Malibu teachers say school is making them sick, CNN, October 9, 2013)

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