Replace Your Furnace Filters to Save Energy (and Money...)

Clean furnace and air conditioner filters are more energy efficient -- by far -- than dirty, clogged ones. Sure, you can limp along and still heat and cool your home with clogged air filters, but why would you really want to? Dirty air filters require as much as 15% more energy to maintain a consistent indoor climate than when the filter is clean, and that costs you hard-earned cash as well as precious natural resources.

How hard are you making your HVAC system work? Resistance is the measure of the amount of effort your system has to exert to pull air through your filter. The lower the number, the better: fewer repairs and lower energy costs.

The entire purpose of an filter is to catch dirt and particles you want to avoid breathing inside your home (or having to clean off surfaces). By their very design, filters are made to become clogged. Whether you have replaceable filters or permanent filters, you will need to deal with the build-up of particles to maintain high HVAC efficiency and keeping your indoor air quality at its best.

The good news is that making sure your air filter is working with you and not against you is easy and affordable:

Replaceable Air Filters

Ideally, replaceable air filters should be changed out at least once every season, or four times a year.

If you’re not sure whether it’s time, there are various products that will alert you to the right time to change your air filter, like the AirFilterSentry Notification Service along with CleanAlert’s FILTERSCAN WiFi.

Permanent Electrostatic Air Filters

These air filters use high efficiency filtration media and are designed to be washable hundreds of times while being made of materials that resist corrosion and warping for a lifetime.

Follow the instructions and use simple household cleaning products and your garden hose once a month to clean these filters and keep them working at their best.

Jun 1st 2017 Jessica

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