I Can Breathe Honeycomb Replacement Carbon Filter (2 pack)

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I Can Breathe Honeycomb Replacement Carbon Filter (2/pk)

The I Can Breathe Honeycomb multi-layer filtration system reduces exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants: particles, cigarette soot, smog, dust, diesel fumes, formaldehyde and household chemicals from 50% to 90% depending on substance. 

Filter Life: Replace filter when breathing becomes difficult or odor comes through even after adjusting nose wire. Filter life will vary depending on an individual's sensitivities and environment.  Replacement filters are available in packs of two.

Travel: The Honeycomb Mask was designed specifically to seal the filter effectively and not require frequent washing [unless you think you are exposed to virus or bacteria. In that case, soak mask in peroxide and wash with hot water. Discard filter in the cellophane bag. Wash hands frequently.] The disposable activated carbon filters the recycled air on airplanes. Customers say that the filtration reduces irritation of nasal passages and of the eustachian tube to the middle ear, thus minimizing a build up of pressure and ear pain. The adjustable ear loops allow the mask to fit almost everyone. Carry the Honeycomb Mask in your pocket or purse for handy use while touring air polluted cities.

Contents of the Honeycomb Mask: Nylon and/or polyester shell, cotton/polyester, hard plastic, latex free elastic. Contents of the Activated Coconut Carbon Filter : This disposable filter contains activated carbon from coconut shell. Though rare, some people are allergic to coconut as food or oil. Check with your allergist. See alternative cotton mask with activated bamboo carbon. Check content with your medical doctor. The mask should not be worn near fire. Latex-free elastic is on all masks. The filter does not replace industrial strength respirators and is not meant for occupational exposure. This mask is not NIOSH certified at this time.


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