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Allergy Free Bedding Reduces Development of Dust Mite in Households

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Indeed there is no place like home. Where there are dust mites involved, however, it makes the homecoming that much less enticing, especially when allergies are being constantly triggered.

In reference to the news article on Reuters.com entitled, “Mattress covers may not help with dust mite allergies”, a study conducted by U.S. researchers revealed that although using mattress covers may reduce effects of dust mite allergies by 20%, it still does not completely resolve associated health problems such as asthma, runny nose, and dermatitis. Their findings include the possibility of having dust mites from other parts of the home apart from the beds.

If dust mites are present everywhere else in the house, then whatever damage the regular mattress covers may mitigate will only be minimal because the rest of the environment remains unprotected. Having a tactical plan of action is therefore essential in the successful removal process of these allergy-causing particles.


Dust allergy is not only found in house dust. Molds, pet dander, and cockroaches are also among the contributors for dust mite. Flakes of human and animal skin that fall on home furniture, pillows, and carpeting also become dust mite’s food. In addition, fungus-like mold usually found in the kitchen and bathroom; pollen from flowers, trees, and grasses; cockroaches, and your pet’s fur or feathers—all of these lead to development of household dust mite.


Similar to other types of allergy, people who suffer from dust allergy may experience having itchy and teary eyes, nasal congestion, discomfort in the mouth or throat, coughing, and of course, sneezing. Feeling of tightness or pain in the chest area, as well as breathing difficulties also indicate dust allergy.


Medical tests determine the cause of allergic reaction, followed with some medications and shots. For situations wherein causes of such condition are due to the environment, consider proper household cleaning methods or, if possible, have renovations. Vacuuming while wearing a filter mask, replacing carpets with wood flooring, keeping animals out of the bedrooms, and using allergy free beddingare some of the possible solutions to prevent dust mite.

Shops like Allergy Relief Store recognize the health hazards of dust mite, and thus have a wide range of products for cleaning, comfortable and anti allergy bedding items, and other control management treatments to reduce further development of dust for homeowners everywhere.

(Source:Matteress covers may not help with dust mite allergies, Reuters.com)

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