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Allergy Bedding Options

Posted by Jessica on

Now that you have decided that allergy bedding is right for you, you may have noticed the vast variety of options available. Not only are there different brands to account for, but allergy bedding also covers the entire bed clothes spectrum. If you are confused about which products are right for you, take a look at this guide where we break down the benefits of each product.

Pillow Cases: This is arguably the most important allergy bedding product if only because it comes in direct contact with your face. These pillowcases are an effective barrier against dust mites, pet dander, and other harmful allergens. They are even bedbug proof. Pillow cases are the cheapest option when it comes to allergy bedding too, so you can even use it as a test product to see if allergy bedding is helpful for you.

Mattress Protectors: Like pillow casings, mattress protectors are also an effective barrier against dust mites, pet dander, etc. They prevent anything larger than 5 microns from passing through the cover. The mattress protector will prevent direct skin-to-mattress contact, and help protect you from any rashes caused by allergens.

Box Spring Encasings: We often forget about our box springs since they need to be changed so rarely, but they too can hold allergens and dust mites. These box spring encasings are made of three bonded layers of polypropylene fabric, making them both affordable and eco-friendly.

Blankets and Comforters: As opposed to a casing, you can also buy blankets that are completely hypoallergenic in and of themselves. We recommend Mulberry West Satin which are made of 300 thread count polished cotton with Grade A Mulberry silk filling. They are both luxurious and allergy free. They are mildew proof and eliminates moisture 1.5 times better than cotton. Mulberry silk is a porous fiber that naturally repels dust mites and bedbugs. 

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